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Thinking of Visiting Dorothy Lane Community Church?

Dorothy Lane Community Church is an open and welcoming church. Our typical services include prayer, sermon and community inclusiveness. We are always overjoyed when people want to come to worship with us, so please know there’s always room for more in our ranks. We look forward to meeting you.


Sunday Worship

Sundays Starting at 11 AM

Image by Patrick Fore

Adult Sunday School

Sundays Starting at 10 AM

Girl Praying

Children's Church

Sundays Starting at 11 AM (during Worship Service)

Your First Visit

What to Expect


Are you welcome?

Oh, yes, you are! We want people to worship with us. We want you to worship with us! Our feeling of family extends to all who are with us on Sunday, and we sincerely want to connect with others. Our goal is to help people know the love of God for themselves.

When to come?

Our Sunday Worship Service begins at 11:00 AM. In church language, that means we start at 11:00 AM. So you may want to come a few minutes beforehand. You can hang up your coat, say hi to our morning greeter, get a bulletin, and find a place to sit in the sanctuary. We also have adult Sunday School at 10:00 a.m. This group meets in the Fellowship hall for about 45 minutes each Sunday and digs into the Scripture.

What to wear?

If you’re asking, we’d say, wear what you are comfortable in, and casual is okay. People wonder about this. Different religious traditions do have many types of dress, which we see every day in our area. We focus on the people who come, not how they dress or look. So you will see some folks in dresses and suits, and some in jeans and t-shirts. 

And what about the music?

We are blessed to have a great musician at DLABC, Jack Smith. He has developed the music ministry with a pleasing combination of hymns and praise songs. Our organ and piano are both used during most services, with an upbeat tempo. We also have a choral ensemble that helps us worship with a special song or musical arrangement on Sundays.


Generally, we are pretty laid back. We will not be showing up unannounced at your doorstep. We might send a note, if you leave us your address on a guest registration card. We hope to send you home with a treat and some info about the church. And then we will be praying for God to bring you back again, and again.

Where to park?

We have a lovely large parking lot around the back of the church. Spots up next to the building are usually used by those who are not able to walk very far, and for guests. That means you! We also have a front entrance with several parking spots. These spots are used by those for whom stairs are a concern.

What about the kids?

We think it is very important for the kids to come to church. We invite you to bring your children with you. We have a special Children’s Story for them in the sanctuary each week. Afterwards, they usually go downstairs with leaders who teach them a Bible lesson geared just for them. Babies and children of all ages can be cared for in our nursery during the entire worship service.

How long is this going to last?

We love to worship. We do “church in about an hour.” Generally we are finishing up the service with our last hymn just about noon.

What happens afterward?

We have a time of fellowship after the worship service. Some people go into the fellowship hall and have a cup of juice or coffee and chat for a few minutes. Others have a snack and sit at tables together and talk for a while. It is a very informal time that allows our fellowship and friendship to grow.

Money for offering?

 We do have an offering every Sunday, but we don’t mean for you to feel obligated to give. You are our guest, and while you may give if you want, our expectation is that those who are members and committed attendees support the church. And, if you want, our budget and expenses can be found in our Annual Report, available on the brochure rack. We don’t keep secrets about how we spend the money that God blesses us with each week.

Finally... Will you fit in at DLABC?

We are a small church, with a small congregation, and a great big sense of family and love for God. We are looking for folks who would like to learn about Jesus Christ and why we follow Him and are saved by Him. Hope to see you soon.

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