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December 2021 TieBinder Newsletter

A Christmas to Remember

This year DLABC will be sharing in devotional and advent observances based on Christmas carols. I love this! Here are three considerations:

Reminisce - I can reminisce with the best of them. My memories take me to my childhood recollection of my mother singing and playing Christmas music. We celebrated God’s message of “peace on earth, good will to men”. I still love listening to recordings of the same old songs and same singers. I am not trying to live in the past. However, I am celebrating how our past religious observances and faith passed from one generation to another have blessed my life. Ps 107:22 says to “recount God’s works with singing”. The Christmas carols have been our family’s offering of praise to God for His gifts to us. He sent Jesus. So let’s reminisce without fear of judgment by others.

Research – I am a curious person and I like to know how traditions have been formed. Prior to the Middle Ages, the European Christians had taken over pagan holidays and festivities to celebrate their Christian beliefs. For example, in 336 AD Constantine claimed the Yule and winter equinox festivities as a date to celebrate Jesus birth. If we’re going to celebrate, Jesus ought to be the focus, right? This is where Christmas carols later came into play. As it turns out, carol is a very old word, dating back at least to 1300. It originally meant a circle dance. According to, the carolers would sing and dance in a circle to celebrate Christmas. To those Catholics (before the Protestant reformation) who thought a special mass or the Christ Mass should be somber, the carolers were just too much. So they sent/kicked the carolers out of the church and door to door to people’s houses to liven their celebrations. If you ask me, we need to celebrate both in the churches and in the homes. Let the singing and dancing begin! Christ is worthy of all of our praise in song and dance. Does that make me a conservative or a liberal? I don’t know. All I know is that Jesus should be the focus of our celebrations.

Renewal – Though I enjoy singing the old songs and in some ways reliving some past events, I am reminded that God calls us as well to “sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth!” Ps 96:1 Again the Psalmist writes, “I will sing a new song to you, O God; upon a ten-stringed harp I will play to you.” Ps 144:9 Personally, I am not promising any music on the harp. But I acknowledge that we must recognize Emmanuel “God is present with us”. He is present with us now – not just in the past. He was with us then, but remains with His believers each day through His Spirit. God provided manna daily to Israelites for food in the desert. They could not eat yesterday’s manna. In the same way, there is nothing that can replace the fresh - right now presence of God with us. He’s waiting to meet with us each morning, afternoon and evening. Celebrate, recall the past, sing and dance (it’s OK - no judgment here). Make this Christmas one to remember. He is with you!

Blessings on your celebrations! Pastor Tom

Diaconate Worship Board

Advent is Here!

Advent is a time of preparation and anticipation as we look forward to the birth of our savior, Jesus, and His second coming. This year’s theme at DLABC is Celebrating Advent Through the Carols of Christmas. We know that God is with us - in answered promises, realized dreams, and refreshed hope. How could we help but sing!

To help you prepare and celebrate this Christmas season, we are providing an Advent Devotional with 25 devotionals based on Christmas carols and hymns. We will explore the songs that were born from joy that Christ has entered the world, and rediscover their relevance in our lives today. The devotionals will be available in the narthex starting November 28. If you are unable to pick one up, please contact the church office and we can have one mailed to you or hand delivered.

Also, on Nov. 28 Pastor Tom and Janny will be lighting the first Advent candle; the candle of Hope. Each Sunday during Advent we will light another candle and have a special reading. Joyce Kelley will be asking for volunteers.

After worship on Nov. 28th, we will have a Hanging of the Greens party. Pizza will be provided and then we will “Deck the Halls” and decorate the Sanctuary, Narthex, and Evergreen Room. It’s always a wonderful time to see the church get all dressed up for Christmas!

On December 12, instead of Board Meetings, we will be having our All Church Christmas Party. Lunch will be provided, there will be carol singing and special music, a devotional, and a craft for everyone to make. All are welcome and we hope you will join us for a fun afternoon.

We will celebrate Christmas Eve at 7:00 pm with a candle light service, and celebrate Christmas on Sunday, Dec. 26.

We hope you will join us as we celebrate Advent and Christmas this year! We are looking forward to seeing you!

Caring/Missions Board

Caring/Missions reported funds to:

Wu’s $100.00

Dayton Christian Center $75.00

Bucket Fund $6.96

United Basics $768.63

Ten shoeboxes were collected for Samaritans Purse. Money donations were received for shipping the boxes.

Thanks to all for making a child happy.

Welcome to our new members on our board: Pat Trent, Judy Teeters and Ernie Keucher.


The next meeting will be December 10, 2021, Friday, 11:00 a.m. at Marion’s Pizza in Town & Country. If you would like to bring a friend, please do so.

Christian Ed Corner

After Church Christmas Party-Dec 12- Come enjoy this get together and celebrate the coming of our friend and savior, Jesus. Make a unique Christmas project furnished by Christian Ed.

Back to School- Both elementary schools, Southdale and Orchard Park, were sent $400, thanks to your generous giving. Principal Dan Palmer from Southdale is very grateful for the donation. He immediately knew the money would be used to create an outdoor classroom space, “free of electronic screens”. He also invited our church to attend it’s opening this coming spring. Please keep both schools in your prayers.

Halloween Party- Rain did not stop those attending the festivities from fun! Pumpkins were carved and painted, awards given, guesses made, food devoured, costumes admired, and fellowship had. Our posts on Facebook even brought visitors. Thanks to all who helped.

Preschool/Nursery- Bring your child to Preschool/Nursery at 11:00 on Sunday. Hope to see you there! (Please leave your cell phone number with the teacher.)

Adult Classes *Power Thoughts by Joyce Meyer- Janny Kehr is teaching this class using this book. Please read pages 1-79 beforehand for the framework which will support your understanding of the rest of the book. The class begins December 5 promptly at 10 and ends promptly at 10:45. Come early to share prayer concerns and visit. If you need a book, please see Janny Kehr, Megan Farnham, Lori Frueauf, Kelly Medina or Susan or Connie Sinks.


THANKS!! Thank you to all who contributed to the 2021 CROP WALK. We contributed $317. 25% stayed in Dayton for the Food Bank. Eighteen Dayton area churches participated and raised $11,123.

ABWM News:

Our women will hold a Christmas Party on December 16 at noon at MCL at Town and Country. Pat Trent has arranged for us to have a room. Come, get your food and then we will dine together. Our service project will be to bring 5 of the same small gift (wrapped) and we will be making a gift basket for five of our former ABWM ladies who are now shut-ins.


  • Socks for men, women or children to donate at Christmas.

  • Stamps from ALL of your letters and cards for mission project helping raise funds to publish Christian material in Spanish.

  • Books for Project Read

  • Eyeglasses for Dayton Lions Clubs to help with mission projects

All of these items can be placed in containers in Giving Center!

Angel Tree Ministries: Our women are supporting Angel Tree Ministries which purchases gifts on behalf of incarcerated parents. We are purchasing gifts for ten children (Five families). These will be delivered in spirit of Christ’s love.

Books for Christmas: We have a new bookshelf in the Narthex with books that may be borrowed. There are books for your Christmas reading – for adults and children. More selections are found in our church library downstairs, which is always open.

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