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The Tie Binder September 2021

Transition Plan Updates, Advisory Council Sept 2021 The Advisory Board had two meetings in July/August, to work on the Transition Plan: i) one was with Rev. Mark Click who is the ABC Ohio Regional Director, and ii) the other was with Rev. Tom Kehr who preached for pulpit supply several times, and may consider the position of Interim Pastor. The advisory board met with Rev. Click on Friday July 16 at 7:00 pm at DLABC, to follow-up on the first meeting, and consider next steps for the DLABC transition plan. DLABC is presently following a plan of pulpit supply for 8 weeks. And Rev. Click is recommending 18 months for an Interim Pastor period, to allow more time for DLABC to study and consider possible future paths. The timeline for the next 8-12 weeks is a little unclear, and it will evolve and unfold. The exact duties of an Interim Pastor will be written in the work contract being developed. However some main duties would be: i) preaching, ii) pastoral care on evenings or as available, iii) meeting with boards every month, or as needed, and iv) providing some areas of leadership; however, it’s expected lay leaders will have to pick up areas that maybe can’t be covered, such as pastoral care. Rev. Click reminded us that an Interim Pastor will be working ‘with-us’ and not ‘for-us’. And a large focus of their work will be purpose-driven to develop a Transition Plan to go forward. Responding to Rev. Click’s guidance and suggestion, the Advisory Board scheduled to meet with Rev. Tom Kehr on Sunday Aug 22, and discuss about his potential interest to serve as Interim Pastor. John Frueauf prepared an excellent draft contract for an Interim Pastor, and presented it to Rev. Kehr to read and consider. Rev. Kehr expressed that he is interested in the possibility to serve as Interim Pastor at DLABC. However, he presently has a 40-hour-per-week contract with the State of Ohio serving as a prison chaplain. To work as Interim Pastor, he would have to discuss with the State of Ohio to see if they would allow him to also work as Interim Pastor. The Advisory Board all communicated that we were interested in him for Interim Pastor, and were open to adjusting the contract to suit his situation and priorities. As one example, when he serves in the prison he is not allowed to have his cell phone with him, and could not answer calls for pastoral care during those hours. He believes very strongly in pastoral care, and would try to make that as high a priority as possible for his work at DLABC. However it’s not expected that he could do that as consistently as a full-time pastor. Also he leads a worship service on Sunday evenings at the prison, and the work time for that including driving is from 4 pm to 9:30 pm. Therefore Sunday is a busy day for him, and he would not want to devote many extra events on that day; e.g. long dinners or meeting. So in summary, the Advisory Board is acting very quickly on the business needed to continue Pulpit Supply, and search for an Interim Pastor. Around Sept 15, if Rev. Kehr or someone else expresses interest in the Interim Pastor position, the Advisory Council is planning to schedule a meeting for the congregation to consider and vote on the candidate. We appreciate everyone’s patience and support for this process. This is a new step for the church, which can be exciting and bring new life and purpose. The Advisory Board

DLABC MEN’S FELLOWSHIP DLABC MEN’S FELLOWSHIP: The first meeting will be lunch at the PUB Restaurant, at the Green. It will be held on September 15, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. More information to come From the Trustees: We are planning an outside workday on Saturday, September 11, 2021. We will start at 9:30 and work until 2 PM. Projects: 1. Trim and weed beds around building and along sidewalk to street. 2. Lay mulch. 3. Clean up yard debris including large tree in backyard. 4. Trim back brush lines from front of property to the back. 5. Based on number of helpers remove unused air conditioners and seal hole. Please let a trustee know if you can help that day. All skill levels welcome. We are also, planning to schedule a boiler repair and PM maintenance in September. From the Usher team, If you would like to help usher a Sunday service, please see John or Brian. We can fit in your schedule availability. Training is provided. Christian Ed Corner We are looking forward to September. New things are happening. !!!!!! ADULT SUNDAY CLASS !!!!!! September 12 at 10:00 Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado is the book of study. Copies are available for $9. Jerri Wood responded to the call for a teacher. Thank you, Jerri. May God bless this study with a greater understanding of his will for us. Please see Jerri for more information. Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World will focus on how to fret less and have more faith by: Celebrating God’s goodness, Asking for God’s help, Leaving our concerns with him and Meditating on good things. Max says, “Anxiety is a meteor shower of what-ifs.” The nursery/preschool is opening September 12. Parents, please bring your child or children to the Nursery room before the service or any time after service begins. We appreciate having your cell phone number just in case we would need to call you during the service. Thanks to all that donated to the Back to School Carnival collection for Southdale and Orchard Park neighborhood schools. Your money will help children in the community receive supplies needed. We are continuing our work on the basement hall mural. May it welcome all who pass by it. American Baptist Women Women (plus men) begin year Women will begin our year with a salad supper on September 23 at 6:00 p.m. Bring a salad to share. Dinner service, drinks and dessert will be provided. Hostesses are Judy Teeters and Jerri Wood. Devotions by Joyce Kelley. Our program will be presented by Meseret Wodaj. She will share about growing up in Ethiopia and her journey to USA. She will be also sharing about her faith journey. We are inviting men to come to this meeting also as many of you are interested in her life (at least Brian W. is). We will hand out our program books for the coming year. Library news! Our church library is always open for you to browse and choose books to borrow. Since we are focusing on a Max Lucado book for Sunday School , we will feature an assortment of his books in our Fireplace Area. This is a great time to get back to reading and growing! Sharing thoughts – Submitted by John Frueauf In September 2009, Janet Mayo wrote an article for “The Tie-Binder”. I was asked to share her comments with our congregation and, as often happens, current experiences are like events from our past. Her article was titled “Starting Over”. Following are some of her key points. Janet ponders how the autumn season is a time of beginning again. As she was a teacher for 30 years, autumn and school beginnings hold a special place in her memories. Imagine sharing all those years repeating the yearly excitement of children starting school! And in 2009 she notes, as now, DLABC was going through a transition. She reminds us of the many joys a church family has over time, and of new family experiences to be had. Reminding us not to get stuck in the past, but to move forward with Christ’s message. There may be fewer of us in the sanctuary on Sundays, now as then, but she asks - “What is the best God directed way allowing us to find our new Christ driven mission? We know the Father loves us.” She references Exodus 14:15, “When Moses led the children of Israel right up to the Red Sea, God said, “What are you waiting for? Go forward!” When the Israelites moved forward, the waters parted, and the family of God walked across on dry land. Will you step in the water? Will you continue to help our church move forward? I pray we each decide to step in the water. Pray for a personal message from Christ for your role in the church moving forward. Listen. Step in the water! In the years to come, we will continue to worship, pray, and sing each Sunday. Janet’s thoughts – “With smiles on our faces, joy in our hearts and determination vitalizing our every action, we move forward, we test the water, we proceed as God directs us.” The Advisory board has been doing just that, working hard through Covid and now, seeking a pastoral role that is different but sustainable for DLABC. Thank you, Janet, for your continual inspiration for a Christ purpose driven life. I ask everyone who reads this to pray for our church leaders and to examine your new role when you step in the new water!! Just imagine Paul at his beginning. His was a Christ inspired vision and look what happened. Peace

Birthdays! September 6 Lillian Barker September 18 Elizabeth Durig September 18 Kelly Medina September 19 Linda Emmons September 23 Elenor Evans September EVENTS September 11 Outside Workday 9:30-2 p.m. September 12 Adult Sunday School begins September 12 Nursery/preschool is opening September 12 Outdoor Worship September 15 DLABC Men’s Fellowship Lunch @ the PUB 11:00 a.m. September 23 ABWM (women plus men) Salad suppler 6:00 p.m. Preschool/Nursery Volunteer Schedule – 2021 Sept. 12 - Lori Frueauf 19 - Connie Sinks 26 - Megan Farnham Oct. 3 - Susan Sinks 10 - Kelly Medina 17 - Brian Sinks 24 - Megan Farnham 31 - Lori Frueauf Nov. 7 - Connie Sinks 14 - Amy Thompson 21 - Susan Sinks 28 - Kelly Medina Dec. 5 - Brian Sinks 12 - Amy Thompson 19 - Lori Frueauf 26 - Connie Sinks Host/Greeter September Pat Trent

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